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As a business owner, you strive to make the right decisions for your business, your employees, and yourself. This includes decisions about business insurance

We know you need great coverage. However, you don’t have time to become a business insurance expert. This is where A&M Insurance Services, Inc. can help.

The Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a combination of property, liability and business interruption coverage for small businesses. This bundled coverage is usually less expensive than buying coverage separately. BOP allows you to customize policies based on your business needs.

You’ll probably want a general area of ​​responsibility that includes operations. Or you need to add business auto insurance or commercial property insurance. Whether you’re a home business, small service provider, or contractor, A&M Insurance Services, Inc. works with you to find the right business insurance mix to meet your specific needs. Contact us now!

Additional Coverage Available

Extended liability for additional insured persons.
Debris removal, private property.
tools and equipment.
Protection of valuable documents and accounts receivable.
In addition to advising on appropriate compensation, we offer additional services such as:

Loss Prevention Program – We work with our insurance partners to assess the current state of your business and suggest ways to mitigate property, vehicle, workers compensation or liability losses. Reducing losses not only reduces insurance premiums, but also avoids downtime and increases productivity.
Fast Complaint Handling – When you have a complaint and need fast and fair service, we work with you to make it happen. That’s why we only represent companies with a solid track record of resolving claims fairly and quickly.
Competitive Rates – Many of the insurance companies we represent specialize in insurance for specific types of businesses and industries, offering special coverage and pricing.

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