Commercial Property Insurance

We serve the unique needs of businesses in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Arizona.

One of the most common types of commercial insurance, commercial property insurance offers a wide range of coverage for buildings, inventory, equipment, tools, and more. Losses due to fire, intrusion, vandalism, storms and other natural or man-made disasters are examples of what is generally covered.

The type of coverage may vary by insurance company, but a basic commercial property policy may suffice. As an independent agency, A&M Insurance Services, Inc. can help you determine the type of insurance policy and coverage for your business. For a complete list of available warranties, or for more information on this product.

Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Washington – What you need to know about commercial property insurance

Do you own a commercial building? If so, do you have adequate commercial property insurance to cover replacement costs? Cost estimating tools are available, but to accurately determine the current replacement costs of a building, a third-party appraisal is required. Call A&M Insurance Services, Inc. today at 425-529-5865. We can help you determine if your business has adequate commercial property insurance.


Most commercial property policies exclude flooding as a covered cause of loss. A separate policy must be purchased to protect against any resulting damage. Make sure you are affiliated with your current accident insurance. If in doubt, have A&M Insurance Services, Inc. verify your coverage. We will help you find a solution.

professional personal belongings
Commercial property insurance covers furniture, fixtures, fittings and inventory at a specific location. Be aware that most commercial property insurance policies have very limited coverage for property removed from a designated location. If you have equipment that is frequently brought offsite to various locations, it is important to set up an inland transportation policy (equipment or facility floats).

Business income (business loss compensation
This coverage compensates business owners for lost profits and fixed costs while the business is closed. This applies during the restoration of buildings after damage from events such as fires. Business Loss Insurance can also cover financial losses when government authorities restrict access to your neighborhood or business after a disaster. A&M Insurance Services, Inc. strongly recommends that all businesses take out this insurance.

Electronic computer (EDP)
This warranty is a separate property warranty specifically designed to protect your computer equipment. Most commercial real estate policies have limited coverage for computer networks. EDP ​​expands the sources of loss to include things like power surges and possibly virus attacks.

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