KineMaster Mobile Video Editor: Overview and Review

Being able to create and edit videos on the go is one thing that no longer surprises us. But what surprised us was the variety of tools for doing just that. Video is a big part of digital marketing and no company of any size can get away with it. Video is simply a must. That is why today we will consider one of the best options available. Kinemaster Pro Video Editor.

Kinemaster is a free, subscription-based video editing app available for both iOS and Android. In fact, the interface is similar on both devices. The Kinemaster app has wowed a lot of people and has been included in many list blog posts depicting the “best mobile video editors of 2023”.

We gave it a shot, and here’s a preview and some thoughts on performance at the end.

Free vs Subscription

Kinemaster is easy to use as a free application, but videos are downloaded with a watermark. For Android users, there is a specific audio file hack that removes the watermark on each use. This hack is not available for iPhone users. There is a 7-day free trial when you sign up for a 1-year subscription.

Kinemaster Overview

The app’s interface is almost identical on iOS and Android, unlike other apps which have noticeable differences between operating systems. Let’s see what the Kinemaster interface looks like.

landing screen

When you first open the Kinemaster app, you will see a home page where you can see the projects you have worked on before, buttons to start a new project, a quick start button, a button to get help and a button to open another project will be Kinemaster YouTube channel and Settings tab.

Main Settings tab

The main landing settings tab has a gear icon. Click this button to set background commands for your app. Here you control the subscription status and a few other options. Some settings are different for iOS and Android, but they generally relate to editing, sorting, and file location.

Kinemaster Download

Start a new project

From the home screen, you can choose to continue editing an existing project or start a new one. If you choose to start a new one, the application will ask you if you want to create a horizontal, vertical or square video. You won’t be able to change it later, so choose carefully. Also, make sure the clips you use are in this format. Otherwise you will need to zoom in and adjust to fit the size ratio

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