Murder of Atiq Ahmed: A Brief History of the Three Shooters and the Reasons for Him to Carry Out a Sensational Attack are as follows

Murderers of Attic Ahmed: they were identified as Rablesh Tiwari (22) in Banda, Mohit alias Sunny (23) in Hamirpur and Arun Maurya (18) in Kasganj

Atiq Ahmed’s Killer: In a shocking turn of events, three men murdered mafia-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh on Saturday night. The incident occurred while being escorted by the police to a medical school in the area. The three carried out the attack by gangster Atiq and his brother Ashraf, posing as journalists.

They were identified as Rablish Tiwari (22) in Banda, Mohit alias Sunny (23) in Hamirpur and Arun Maurya (18) in Kasganj. They filmed the duo in point-blank range, and full footage of the incident was captured on camera.

Why did they kill Attic and Ashraf?

Immediately after the incident, the three attackers were subdued and detained by the police. During the interrogation, the attackers told the police that they did so to make a name for themselves in the criminal world because they wanted to “gain popularity”. The arrested attackers told police: “We wanted to kill Attic Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in order to completely eliminate the Attic-Ashraf gang and make our name known.”

“When we received the update on the arrest of Atiq and Ashraf, we planned to disguise ourselves as local journalists, mix with the crowd and kill them,” FIR said.

lavkesh Tiwari – Resident of Banda

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Speaking on condition of anonymity, the resident of Banda told reporters that Lavlesh’s family is different from his rogue son and also described him as a “drug addict.” “His family was our neighbour. The family is simple. Two of his brothers are priests and one is still studying.

lavkesh was involved in crimes and was imprisoned several times. “He also went to jail for a previous teasing incident,” he said. He added that Lavlesh has ambitions to reach greater heights in the criminal world.

Meanwhile, Lavlesh’s mother said he was religious and visited the temple regularly for darshans. “We haven’t spoken to him since he left home.

Sunny: A resident of Hmirpur

Meanwhile, speaking of Sunny, his brother Pintoo said he had no idea how he got into the crime. My brother wandered around doing nothing. He has recorded several incidents against him, but I do not know the details,” he told reporters on Sunday.

Arun Maurya: A resident of Kasganj

In Kasganj, Arun Maurya’s neighbours expressed shock at the incident. They said Arun’s parents were dead and two of his brothers were engaged in scrap trading in Delhi. They also claimed that no one in the village knew what Maurya was doing and where she lived. He, too, apparently left the village about ten years ago.

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